Feedback from our creatives!


I've had the pleasure of both being a part of To Be Continued magazine and the subsequent pop-up exhibition and magazine launch and both are a fantastic way to highlight the extreme amount of talent that is on offer here in Brisbane and it was a privilege to be amongst that! I hope to be a part of the fun again in the upcoming year.
To the TBC team, thanks for making it all so easy and enjoyable. Keep up the great work guys. You're doing the right thing!

- Luke Kallquist (kallquistguitars.com)


To Be Continued magazine is just what Brisbane needed! – A group of supportive, passionate people that enable artists to gain exposure, form connections with other creatives and establish future opportunities. 
I was lucky enough to be featured in Issue 3.0 – the Black & White edition and found my experience effortless. Megan made speaking via email easy and always came across as cheerful and friendly!
If I were to describe To Be Continued Magazine in one word it would be genuine – the TBC gang genuinely care about each artist and their talents and help provide a platform for us to show people what Brisbane creatives have to offer!

- Jenna Coverly (jennacoverly.com)


I was fortunate enough to be invited to contribute the Black and White issue of To Be Continued Magazine. Megan crafted a tailored brief to allow me to produce work that best showcased my approach and aesthetic.
Megan and Jeff work tirelessly to promote and support local makers and their initiatives, using the magazine, partnerships with traditional retail/distribution channels and active social media as platforms to grow and engage their audience (which in-turn benefits everyone featured).
The Brisbane collective and To Be Continued magazine team are dedicated to improving the profile of our creative community, and importantly connecting us to people we can learn from, collaborate with and sell to.

- Nicole Arnett Phillips (typographher.com)


We’re so very fortunate to have been involved with Megan, Jeff and the rest of the crew at The Brisbane Collective on numerous occasions. The love and support they’ve given us has been a HUGE help to our business, but to be able to call them our mates is something that is just as important to us!
The energy and drive that is poured into each issue and every exhibition is truly admirable, and to watch them expand and become an important part of this town’s art culture is something we are super proud to witness!

- Emmy Haora (bigriverbris.com.au)


To Be Continued is a magazine for artists, by artists. Pages of quality, interesting words and artwork by a range of talented creatives, both emerging and established. As a featured artist of the debut issue, I am honoured to have been a part of such a genuinely good little publication. Print is definitely not dead. 

- Tiffany Atkin (tiffanyatkin.com)


Working with The Brisbane Collective has been a wonderful creative outlet and a means to contribute to the local artistic community through self-expression and sharing my art form.  I have had the luxury of photographing a TBC Exhibition and a series for the photographic journal “Hangouts of Brisbane” in Issue 3.0.  In both instances it was such a rush to have the constant support and freedom from TBC, which allowed me to confidently create and capture my vision. 
If you’re looking to take your art form, network or small business to the next level, supporting and working with TBC ticks all the boxes.

- Matt Loncar (mattloncar.com)


Being around the TBC team for nearly a year now, I can honestly say that they are an exceptional group. From exhibitions to street press, they exude excellence in everything that they do. Megan and Jeff possess a raw and genuine passion that is infectious and a joy to be around! I was an artist in DIY Till You Die, and exhibition put on by TBC and it was such a joy to be a part of. From start to finish the crew had everything planned down to the finest details. The night was a huge hit, drawing a huge crowd with live music, live art, games, projectors and giant jenga just to name a few.

- Adam Busby (buzz-studios.com)


When I met the creators of the To Be Continued magazine I had a gut feeling good was to come. So far I've met countless creative individuals & have had a blast drinking beer and creating with each and every one of them! The Brisbane Collective is bettering the underground arts of Brisbane one page at a time, get your hands on a copy if you know what's good for yah!

- Kasper (kaspersart.bigcartel.com)


To Be Continued magazine recently featured some of my photographic work. I have since received many compliments and expressions of interest in my shots. The team at TBC are exceptional friendly and easy to work with and the publication seems destined for great things.  I highly recommend getting involved with this zine as it gains momentum. They are doing great things in terms of correlating the creative community of Brisbane.

- Stewart Barry (subtrane.tumblr.com)


I have been lucky enough to be apart of the The Brisbane Collective and the To Be Continued Magazine. I have loved working with the team and am so grateful they have allowed me to show my photography as a local Brisbane artist. Through TBC, I have met so many other artists and love the support shown by all. Thank you The Brisbane Collective!

- Jacinta Crane (jacintacranephotography.com.au)


Megan and the team at TBC run a tight ship that the Australian military should be weary of. Crazy clear communication from start to finish with perilous drive to support and build Brisbane’s arts community. TBC is without a doubt fighting the good fight!

- Jeremy Staples (zicsaus.com)