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Typograph.journal Volume 2 Explores Creative Process

After a successful debut in June, Typograph.journal has launched its second edition, celebrating the creative process of some of Australia and the world’s finest typographers.

 Volume 2 of the well-crafted print journal explores ideas and strategies relating to design practices and process in a colourful and considered manner.

The issue features a stellar cast of design talent including celebrated US illustrator and type designer Jessica Hische as well as Caren Florence, Matt Vergotis, Luke Lucas, Peter Rudlege, Deane Featonby, Barry Spencer and Ash Brennan.

Nicole Phillips, the Brisbane-based designer, printmaker and typographer behind Typograph.journal says the edition explores many facets of the creative process and asks ‘where do we find, and how do we feed our creative energy?’

“As creative practitioners it is our approach and our process that really makes us unique and this edition focuses on that,” she says.

“Quite often we can reach creative roadblocks and this volume features some great insights into how we can move past them.”

“The journal shows that by honing their process designers can be prolific and continue to produce a volume of quality work.”

One memorable productivity practice profiled in Typograph.journal is Jessica Hische’s approach to ‘procrastiworking’. A philosophy, she employs to both balance and align the work she is most excited about, with the work that pays-the-bills.

Phillips says premise of Typograph.journal is about balancing practice and theory, both showcasing beautiful design work, and deeply analysing design process through concise articles.

“I want this publication to educate and inspire,” she says.

“It is not just eye candy and it’s not just design thinking and discourse either, it’s a nice balance between the two that appeals to academics, professionals and students alike.”

After a debut black and white edition Typograph.journal’s second volume has added an extra colour to the mix - a fresh Pantone 325U. Phillips says each volume will be released in a new colourway, with the intention to create a vivid collection on people’s bookshelves.

The publication aims to serve the burgeoning scene of type enthusiasts, designers and illustrators and Phillips looks forward to profiling this community as it expands.

Limited to 1000 Copies Typograph.journal is available to purchase for AUD$19.00 at -


Contact: Nicole A Phillips