VIDEO ART: Always Take The Weather // Travel Capsule by John Kaye and Gabby Dadgostar

Always Take The Weather - Travel Capsule.

"Always Take The Weather" is a travel capsule that Exhale have created in collaboration with artist John Kaye and filmmaker Gabby Dadgostar.

John has been spending the majority of his time travelling around the globe, creating work in all sorts of interesting and unique locations. Once we heard that Gabby was going to meet John in Asia, to document some of the events taking place, we decided to work alongside them to create this three-part travel capsule.

Sydney based filmmaker Gabby Dadgostar has crafted a dynamic video of her most recent international endeavour. Being the sole shooter and editor of the project, she freely communicates her experience in Asia. The tone is set to a fitting soundtrack by Australian talents Sticky Fingers, The Meeting Tree and Jayteehazard.

After we received a package from John in the mail, containing a dozen rolls of undeveloped film, a notebook overflowing with random shit, a handful of memory cards containing photos taken over a twelve week period, and a pile of crinkled up paper covered in sketches, we were able to create this personal publication. The 40 page zine showcases a collection of images from around the world and offers an insight into the thought process and recent experiences of Australian artist, John Kaye.

To complete the capsule, Exhale have created a line of limited edition t-shirts that John Kaye carefully designed, drawing inspiration from the illustrations he created during his travels. The t-shirts are available for a short time only, exclusively through Exhale Projects. To find out more info or purchase anything from the collection, visit the shop link.